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The missions we have completed

Crypto wallet - frontier
twitter management
telegram community management
Discord - community management
Frontier Icon
Frontier Work


A wallet that provides a secure and non-custodial experience for crypto, DeFi, NFTs, and more, spanning 35+ blockchains.

Our team executed an extensive crypto marketing strategy that included a thorough management of their social media, public relations efforts, Twitter Spaces engagement, YouTube Live events, blog content, and landing page design.

Covalent Social media Work
twitter management
Discord - community management
covalent work


A revolutionary platform that provides one unified API for Web3 data points, giving you access to billions of possibilities.

We successfully ran a comprehensive marketing campaign for "Bear Market Builders" on Twitter, creating over 30 compelling graphics and establishing a consistent design language for maximum impact and engagement.

Boson Fund logo
Figma logo
Boson Fund work

Bison Fund

Web3-focused investment firm advancing the decentralized web through investing in blockchain industry.

Provided a full-service design solution by crafting a visually compelling and unique logo. We also designed their website, pitch deck, white papers, and reports, ensuring a consistent aesthetic throughout all their marketing materials.

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Social Media

We provide full-service social media marketing for decentralized projects, distributed teams, and Web3-based objectives. Tailored to specific target audience & legal landscape.


We shoulder the heavy lifting of communicating your complex concepts. From blogging to social media posts, we help you win linguistic gymnastics with our compelling content.


Community is about fostering & building long-lasting connections. We are dedicated to making your online presence cultivate a culture of transparency and credibility.

PR & Promo

We provide top-notch PR expertise to secure organic coverage and promote your brand in ways that resonate with your target audience. With us, you'll never feel light-years away from the buzz you deserve.