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Crypto branding for an ecosystem campaign

As a leader in blockchain infrastructure services, Covalent is often running under the hood of some of the most respected projects in Web3. As their services grew to support hundreds of blockchains, and more aspiring builders flocked to build their own crypto projects, Covalent enlisted Altorise to help develop a campaign brand identity.







Creating an inspiring brand campaign

The campaign was to be named 'Bear Market Builders.' It aimed to capture the passion and spirit of teams who continued to build even when the odds are stacked against them. Covalent has always positioned itself as a partner and companion that even invested in training and supporting dev teams getting started on their journeys. To capture this sentiment, we developed various brand routes that would resonate with the warmth and energy of the movement.

After nurturing a community of 40,000+ developers and 5,000+ applications, Covalent launched the Bear Market Builders campaign. It was aimed at inspiring builders in crypto to continue 'buidling' even when the crypto market was in the grips of a tumultuous bear market run.

Explorations led us down various exciting paths, but the one that resonated most was the idea that was developed using Covalent's resident mascot 'Boomie' — a pup who also doubled as a morale booster for the team. His warmth, friendliness, and companion persona perfectly aligned with the 'BMM' campaign. We developed an identity with generous inputs from Covalent's own crack design team, especially the Head of Design, Rohit Tandon.

From a brand-inspired color palette, custom typography, and social optimized design, the final brand even carried subtle details in every design aspect. The final output was an iconic campaign brand that graced the brand's pages during the impactful campaign. Bear market builders will continue to see this identity over the years as it works with builders everywhere, fuelled by resilience and innovation. Covalent's ecosystem continues to conquer new frontiers, reshaping the landscape of the crypto industry with its unwavering dedication and spirit.