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Pitch to win: Leading pitch deck design agency

Beyond just great design, with Altorise, you also benefit from over a decade's experience as a global pitch deck design service. We know what it takes to make pitch decks that work.

Our pitch decks deliver results

Our unique insights come from understanding what a successful pitch deck has that others don't. We help you craft a compelling story in your investor pitch deck that will help you secure funding. You're not just hiring a pitch deck design service but also benefiting from our experience working with successful founders and leading global investors. Our founders have successfully raised over $200 Million in multiple rounds. From seed stage to series decks, we've done it all.

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Our recent pitch deck work

Bespoke pitch deck services across industries

Our process:
How we deliver success


Goal setting and immersion

Capturing all relevant information about your startup idea is a critical first step. The key here is to set clear goals and develop a strong rapport between the teams working on the pitch deck.



Industry and design study

To deliver pitch deck services that deliver results, we rely on a variety of proven methods and research to find key insights that elevate each pitch deck to stand out.



Outline and value proposition

Based on our insights about the project and the ideal outcomes, we zero in on a key value proposition that would attract investors. We recommend a clear structure and outline for the pitch deck flow.



Wireframes and layouts

The first step to a visually stunning deck is clearly and precisely understanding the narrative. To confirm this, we share a wireframe of the deck for consideration and discussion before proceeding to the final design and content for the pitch deck.



Design and content

At this point, our strategy and business team work closely with our team of experienced pitch deck designers to bring these ideas to life. We create stunning designs, and visually communicate ideas like business models, product diagrams for easier understanding.



Distribution and analysis

Circulating the pitch deck with existing investors, advisors, and key functional leaders can offer some valuable insights. As inputs and observations from investors continue to be incorporated, the deck evolves until it can effectively communicate its core narrative.


Raise funding

Pitch Deck Service

Ever since we began creating pitch decks, we've ensured innovative ideas are presented to inspire confidence and drive outcomes. We work with you to sharpen your business plan into compelling presentations. If you are looking for a SaaS pitch deck or building an innovative crypto pitch deck, as part of our service, we also tailor your narrative to attract your ideal investors. From pitch deck examples from past decks we've designed to those from category leaders, we simplify the journey to the best pitch deck for your business.

Impress your audience

Keynote Presentations

Speaking at an event and eager to capture your audience's attention? Over the years, we've helped many leaders articulate their ideas into a compelling story in presentation form. With clean, concise design and intuitive graphics, we have helped complex ideas captivate the imagination of global audiences. To achieve this, we first gather an in-depth understanding of your keynote and systematically develop a keynote presentation that plays the perfect companion to you when you're on stage.

Showcase your idea

Video Demo

Creative storytelling can benefit every idea, and few formats do it better than video. Our video experts can develop intuitive videos that showcase your product features, demonstrate use cases, or even introduce your team. We work closely with you to capture the heart of your business idea and the key features of your product. Whether it's an animated explainer, a live-action demonstration, your business model, or a founder's message, our videos are tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Empower your sales team

Sales Presentation

Our expertise in creating bespoke sales presentations that empowers business development (BD) and sales teams, giving them a unique edge in their pitches and client interactions. Equip your sales team with a powerful, informative, and persuasive tool. Breaking the mold with dated sales decks, we create visually stunning sales presentations that showcase your product or service offering more effectively. Our sales decks have a proven track record of not only capturing the attention of your sales prospects but also supporting your teams in closing deals more effectively.

Expertise on-demand

Pitch deck consulting service

Fundraising Strategy

Fundraising Strategy

Improve your narrative so you attract investors you want on your cap table.

Business Model Insights

Business Model Insights

Our experts will share insights on improving your business model for long-term success.

Investor Updates

Investor Updates

Beyond pitch decks, engage investors smartly: from brief intros to ongoing startup performance updates.

Go-to-market Strategy

Go-to-market Strategy

Leverage our global marketing expertise to develop an effective GTM roadmap, with insights on budgets and more.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing Strategy

We can collaborate with you to fine-tune your pricing strategy to showcase your business's practical and high-growth potential.

Speak to us today

Hop on a call with our team and learn how we can solve your crypto marketing and design needs.

Praveen BABU

Founder and CEO at Altorise
(Mumbai, India office)

Your pitch deck services questions answered

Frequently Asked Questions

From engagement models, to timezones and industries, we’ve compiled some of our responses here. Though, we always prefer a conversation over a ☕️ anyday — set up a meeting today!

Developing a great pitch deck is a key milestone for every startup. With pitch deck creation services, our goal is to guide founders in fine-tuning their pitch to raise funds successfully. While most pitch decks follow a certain structure, winning decks need to stand out to improve their chances of success. We bring diverse industry expertise, marketing insights, and powerful design capabilities to create pitch decks that showcase each company in the best possible light.

Pitch decks can vary in complexity based on a variety of factors. However, while it is possible to design a pitch deck in a couple of days, it usually takes about a week or two to develop most good pitch decks. In our experience, we have noticed that pre-work like market research, competitor analysis, customer testimonials, financial projections, and well-written business plans can significantly optimize the time taken to complete a pitch deck. While this isn't critical, and we have often been able to accelerate design and development during times of urgency by working with the founders closely over a couple of days. The end result should be a deck that impresses investors, and helps the startup raise funds, we ensure any pitch deck developed at Altorise can always achieve that goal.

Pricing for pitch decks can vary based on a number of factors, but they usually range between $2,000 to $5,000 for most pitch decks with existing content and insights. Some can even go up to $8,000 for decks needing extensive intervention from experts to ensure the success of these presentations. Our pitch deck design services start at $200/slide for simple pitch decks, and go up to $400/slide for advanced interventions including key business insights. Most pitch decks are about 10 slides, while some even go up to 20+ slides with extensive appendixes and diagrams.

Our clients often refer to us as the best pitch deck agency they've worked with. We earned this trust by ensuring our clients always received a high-quality deck on time. A reputed VC receives hundreds of pitch decks, while leading global funds receive thousands of pitch decks in some months. To stand out and be seen, a few pointers always help.

  1. Carefully structure your flow based on your business category.
  2. Avoid too much text and clutter, a focus on a clean and clear narrative.
  3. Demonstrate a clear path to growth for your investors.
  4. Create intuitive designs to communicate complex ideas effectively.
  5. Ensure brand alignment and clean layouts for an ideal reading experience.
  6. Optimize for all devices, like mobiles and desktops alike.
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