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Launching a Unique Identity: A Stellar SaaS Design System for Foodtech

Thrive, a bold new startup in the restaurant and SaaS foodtech business, struggled with a lack of clear brand voice and visual identity. They needed a unique design system for SaaS product marketing that could set them apart in the crowded foodtech landscape. Altorise, with its deep understanding of branding, stepped in to infuse life into Thrive's brand identity.






Design System

Crafting a Unique Identity

The Altorise team dived headfirst into the challenge, conducting extensive studies of global brand strategies. Leveraging our insights and extensive expertise, we created a unique, contemporary, and bold design system that captured Thrive's youthful spirit.

We developed a distinctive color scheme and illustrative character design to add personality to the brand. Additionally, we created a library of design elements that allowed for versatile visualizations, facilitating seamless narrative execution in Thrive's distinctive style.

Unlocking A New Era of Branding

The new design system elevated Thrive's communication strategy to new heights. It ensured consistency across the website design, email marketing, and social media content, thereby amplifying brand recall. Notably, the design system was instrumental in shaping the new food delivery app UI, leading to a more engaging user experience.

Scalable design for 360º communications

The creative campaigns and animated characters, enabled by the design system, drove engagement and viral content. The design system not only enhanced the visual appeal but also strategically positioned Thrive as a distinctive brand in the crowded foodtech landscape. From social media to website design, the impact of an intuitive design system was apparent in every aspect of Thrive's marketing efforts.

Altorise's expertise in crafting unique design systems redefined Thrive's brand identity, enhancing its visibility and recall. We brought the brand to life with a unique, captivating design system that drove customer engagement and propelled the brand forward in the competitive foodtech landscape. With Altorise, every brand can find its unique voice.