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Empowering impact: social media for India's premier youth fellowship

SBI Youth for India Fellowship yearned to amplify its reach and impact, engaging candidates, supporters, and partners across diverse social media platforms. Altorise took the reins, propelling the fellowship into new networks like Instagram, Reddit, Quora, while maximizing engagement on LinkedIn and YouTube.






Social Media

Social media for impact

Our team curated a bespoke social media strategy, leveraging innovative storytelling to showcase the transformative work of the fellows. We orchestrated live sessions that invited real-time engagement, providing an immersive glimpse into the fellows' noble initiatives.

Strategic media buys ensured the fellowship's content reached a broader audience, while captivating content strategies like Stories, Instagram takeovers, and structured storytelling fostered meaningful connections with followers.

Driving results from social media

Our dynamic approach delivered astonishing results. The activation of new networks opened doors to fresh audiences, enriching the fellowship's online presence. LinkedIn and YouTube blossomed with engaged communities, fostering a deeper understanding of the fellowship's mission.

Live sessions garnered genuine interactions, forging authentic relationships with candidates, supporters, and partners. The strategic media buys accelerated the fellowship's reach, cementing its position as a beacon of impactful change.

Building communities across platforms

With Altorise at the helm, your social media presence will transcend expectations, channeling your brand's vision into dynamic connections. Experience the power of our innovative storytelling, live sessions, and strategic media buys that elevate your mission and foster a community of committed advocates. Unlock your potential and empower your impact with Altorise's social media prowess.