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Engaging a blockchain API ecosystem on Twitter

Covalent celebrates Web3 builders with the remarkable Bear Market Builders (BMB) campaign. Altorise appreciated the brief and produced a fascinating effort. The Web3 ecosystem and the impactful service integration has thrived and benefitted numerous projects. The wonderful results speak for themselves.






Social Media

Covalent, a leader in blockchain API services, is instrumental in powering over 3,000+ Web3 projects. To promote its Unified API and its capabilities in fetching data across 100+ blockchains for intuitive blockchain development, the brand wished to launch a social media campaign to co-market with various existing projects using the service. The goal was to launch the campaign on Twitter, and engage each project independently to maximize brand awareness and build trust amongst future developers in the ecosystem and those considering creating new projects in the blockchain space.


The campaign was to showcase individual projects in a diverse and constantly innovating ecosystem while also underscoring the dramatic development benefits offered by Covalent's Unified API service. The campaign also needed to maximize reach and awareness to attract more projects to build with Covalent. Additionally, the crypto market was in a prolonged bear market, so an inspiring campaign to build during the period would be ideal.


In collaboration with the Covalent team, Altorise determined the best course of action would be to run this independently on a new Twitter account to focus the narrative and expand the brand reach to new users. The main Covalent handle would amplify and offer a springboard to launch posts to reach more users. We developed a new ecosystem campaign brand, a fresh design system, and an entirely new social media strategy to maximize the campaign's impact.


The social media campaign had dedicated creatives and narratives for each project, tagging and co-marketing with each team. This maximized impact on each post and amplified reach by engaging more users by leveraging the Twitter audiences of each project, Covalent's followers on the main brand account, and new audiences reached organically from the near-instant traction from each post going live. The creative design ensured each project was shown in the best light while underscoring the value added by building on Covalent.

Access to Infinite On-Chain Data

The diverse Covalent ecosystem was presented in a unique voice and look from crypto wallets, decentralized exchanges, asset management companies, analytics dashboards, and even blockchain networks. The bespoke no-code design system allowed creatives to go live within minutes. Co-marketing strategies maximized reach and reached thousands of users with each post, even crossing 40,000 impressions in a single tweet from the engagement.

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Each design created was also a dramatic shift in creative strategy by offering a fluid, vibrant, and scalable brand look that allowed the marketing team to produce unlimited creatives. Its versatility also allowed it to be animated and used in exciting new ways in videos, posts, and presentations.