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Frontier Socials: Igniting Crypto Conversations and Community Connections.






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Our relentless focus on staying relevant and keeping up with trends ensured that Frontier remained at the forefront of industry developments, making it a dynamic hub for crypto enthusiasts and trendsetters alike. By redefining online interactions, we successfully bridged communities through our innovative crypto social media platform. Frontier Social Media sparked engaging conversations and fostered valuable connections within the crypto community, paving the way for a vibrant and inclusive digital space.

From engagement to empowerment, we do it all

Crypto Social Media Mock-up

Our social media platforms on Twitter and Instagram served as a dynamic hub. We shared exciting announcements about referral rewards and provided opportunities to earn rewards. We sought valuable insights from our community and offered leadership perspectives to help users make informed decisions. Additionally, we shared regular updates on our products and meticulously showcased and promoted the existing features that made our platform exceptional. This was how we built a thriving community from scratch.

One beginning, countless destinations

With every social media post, our aim was to inspire audiences to join the crypto revolution. We wanted them to embark on a transformative journey by experiencing the boundless possibilities that Frontier Wallet offers. To achieve this, we employed captivating visuals, compelling storytelling, and a user-centric approach.

Expanding visual narratives

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Our team rendered design primitives in the design system using Maya and added editable elements later in Figma. This made the overall elements dynamically usable by anyone, regardless of their experience with Figma. We enabled the marketing team to drag and drop items in Figma, creating any narrative they wished to share. This approach resulted in an innovative, 'no-code' design product.