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A Global SaaS Video Marketing Campaign: Launching The X Future

Altorise supercharged The X Future's SaaS video marketing, unveiling their innovative SaaS product and innovation offerings to a vast enterprise and startup audience across the globe, spanning countries like Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, India, USA, Japan, and Canada.




The X Future


Live Videos

SaaS Video Marketing Complexities

The X Future, based in San Francisco, CA, aspired to amalgamate global experts and institutions on shared platforms. Their challenge was navigating diverse SaaS marketing topics while ensuring expansive promotion on social media platforms.

A Comprehensive SaaS Growth Video Strategy

Altorise devised custom video properties, ensuring multistream broadcasting across various platforms, including LinkedIn Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live, Facebook Live, and RMTP on private networks. Our end-to-end SaaS growth strategy encompassed branding, titles, interactions, and real-time streaming with studio-quality production. This strategy was bolstered by simultaneous streaming across multiple platforms, real-time audience engagement by a dedicated team, and a webinar marketing strategy with landing pages for signups, emailers, reminders, and push notifications on social media. The result? A 5x higher audience retention and engagement than the industry average and direct conversion of leads into databases for CRM, marketing, and on-demand and automated marketing campaigns.

Lighthouse: Enterprise SaaS Marketing

Our 'Lighthouse' series, co-hosted with the University of California, Berkeley, spotlighted experts from leading sectors, leveraging technologies like robotics, blockchain, ML, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, digital twins, retail, metaverse, and AR. Altorise's SaaS marketing expertise ensured impeccable branding, live interactions, and end-to-end production. In partnership with UC Berkeley, this series highlighted industry leaders, amplifying The X Future's SaaS marketing reach and credibility while offering students and prospective candidates a peek into developments and opportunities in the Industry 4.0 and SaaS innovation space.

Future Friday: Engaging SaaS for Startups

The 'Future Friday' series showcased innovative startup founders and leaders from countries like Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, India, USA, Japan, Singapore, France, and Canada. Altorise's SaaS marketing prowess ensured seamless branding, live production, and detailed showcases of startup offerings in emerging technologies like robotics, blockchain, ML, Industry 4.0, IoT, IIoT, supply chains, digital twins, retail, metaverse, and AR.


Altorise's mastery in executing a full-spectrum SaaS marketing strategy is evident in our collaboration with The X Future. By leveraging emerging technologies and innovations and engaging with experts across countries, we ensured The X Future's brand resonated globally. This approach led to a dramatic lift in reach and recall across all key target segments, a spike in organic sharing and inbound inquiries, and a tenfold growth in The X Future's clout and recall during the pandemic. The X Future was positioned as a global SaaS services powerhouse, thanks to Altorise's strategic efforts.