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Reimagining SaaS website design for foodtech: A masterclass in product marketing

Thrive, a bustling young startup, needed a powerful digital presence for their B2B restaurant base and their B2C food delivery app. Fresh from a successful Series A funding round, they turned to Altorise to transform their online interface into a platform for growth.






Website, UI/UX Design

Crafting digital excellence

Our team at Altorise collaboratively worked with Thrive's founders, marketing, and product teams to ensure a comprehensive understanding of their vision. A detailed global market study formed the foundation for expansive UX flows, which were designed keeping in mind the optimal user outcomes for each webpage. We restructured the sitemap and information architecture, ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience. Additionally, strategic SEO content enhanced the website's competitive edge. With Figma, we created wireframes, lo-fi designs, and ultimately hi-fi designs that fed directly into frontend development on Webflow.

Setting the bar high

The result? A captivating website that clearly demonstrated Thrive's offerings while also being an instant hit for its innovative design. The website served as a hub for increasing organic traffic and enhanced user engagement, reinforcing Thrive's position as a leading foodtech startup.

Subsequently, the press and social media coverage of the revamped website skyrocketed brand awareness and cemented Thrive's credibility in the rapidly growing Indian SaaS landscape. This unprecedented digital transformation not only appealed to their existing users but also attracted a wider audience, making a statement in the foodtech domain.

Altorise, with its unique blend of strategic planning, innovative design, and deep understanding of the SaaS landscape, redefined Thrive's online presence.

We delivered a platform that perfectly reflected Thrive's ambitions and potential, thus ensuring they continue to dominate the foodtech industry. It's not just about creating a website; it's about creating a gateway to your brand's success.