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Amplifying SaaS social media for foodtech: A dash of flavor.

In the dynamic SaaS foodtech arena, Thrive craved better digital results, a distinct voice, and a compelling narrative to capture their audience. Altorise, armed with a winning content strategy and the drive to explore untapped social channels, stepped in to revolutionize Thrive's digital journey.






Social Media

Designing for impact

With profound expertise in SaaS social media, app marketing, and product marketing, we curated a unique design system for Thrive. We stirred a delightful mix of lively illustrations, dynamic colors, and impactful design elements, creating a brand persona that truly stood out. Moreover, we dived deep into understanding the motivations of restaurant owners and food app users, crafting narratives that resonated and appealed, while keeping B2B considerations in mind.

Engaging foodies with fun reels and content

Our strategy and design revolution ignited a wave of increased followership, leading to an impressive boost in engagement and an influx of inbound inquiries. Existing partnerships were strengthened, with retention rates climbing significantly.
In a separate vein, our tailored strategies triggered exponential growth across Thrive’s digital platforms. Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook, previously underutilized, transformed into buzzing arenas where Thrive could interact and engage with its audience directly.

Altorise’s strategic intervention redefined Thrive's digital marketing landscape. Our integrated approach, combining design, strategy, and audience-specific narratives, unlocked Thrive's potential in the SaaS foodtech world. We didn’t just amplify the noise – we tuned it to resonate with the right audience. This is the Altorise way.