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Dynamic performance marketing for a fellowship

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship faced the complex challenge of globally reaching and resonating with youth who embody the fellowship's values and aspirations. Tasked with overcoming budget constraints and a limited campaign timeframe, Altorise stepped in to optimize reach and attract the right candidates, bolstering engagement through the application journey.






PPC & Ads

Engaging the ideal audience across mediums

The fellowship needed to break through the digital noise and convey its ethos and values, attracting a specific segment of youth who would be ideal candidates for this transformative program. All this had to be achieved within a constrained budget and a limited time frame.

Adapting strategies to deliver results consistently

Altorise's strategy involved creating over 70 hyper-niche segments for pinpoint targeting, using A/B testing to refine and optimize performance continually. Utilizing ad sequencing, we managed to provide viewers with a comprehensive understanding of the fellowship without overwhelming them with information all at once. By remarketing, targeting custom audiences, and using dynamic creatives, we were able to maintain engagement throughout the campaign.

The campaign was executed across multiple platforms including Google Ads, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Quora, and Twitter. We also identified and negotiated ad placements on specific platforms and websites frequented by our target youth audiences. This entire campaign was supported by a powerful, end-to-end managed landing page, further enhancing performance and conversion rates.

Successfully inspiring leaders to act now

The well-crafted campaign led to a multifold improvement in reach and selection of ideal candidates for the fellowship, year after year. Our efficient use of ad resources and optimized targeting not only amplified the fellowship's community growth but also maximized the return on ad spend (ROAS). The digital ad campaign proved to be a powerful catalyst, driving the SBI Youth for India Fellowship's mission forward and cementing their position as a leading force in rural development.