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Condensing for impact: monthly investor updates

In the investment landscape, transparency and clarity are two pillars upon which trust is built. Bison Fund understood this and sought a monthly investor update that was clear, concise, and insightful. The challenge? To showcase the fund's performance, results, and overall strategy in a manner that would engage both existing and potential investors.






Investor Update

Bison-Investor Ipad mockup

Altorise understood the stakes. We knew investors were short on time but big on expectations. We analyzed the essentials of what an investor seeks in an update and distilled it down to the most critical parts. The question was: could we fit all this vital information onto a single page without it feeling cluttered or overwhelming?

MS Excel
MS Word
Adobe Illustrator

In response to this challenge, we crafted an innovative strategy. We designed a new layout from the ground up, compressing over ten pages of reports and charts into a single, digestible one-page update. Utilizing incisive charts, summarizing key performance numbers, and optimizing the design for quick mobile consumption, we created an update that was as intuitive as it was informative. Furthermore, we ensured that the document could be updated within minutes each month, drastically reducing the time needed to disseminate the report to investors.

A man working on laptop

The outcome was a roaring success. The monthly investor update quickly became an anticipated touchpoint for investors. They appreciated the timely, valuable inputs shared in a transparent manner. Trust was established and fortified, exactly what Bison Fund needed to steadily grow their business. This project exemplified how Altorise transforms complex challenges into simple, impactful solutions.