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When icons inspire: Live streamed events for a fellowship

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship was faced with an increasingly digital and interconnected world where live events were transforming from physical venues to virtual spaces. When Altorise was invited to boost the Fellowship's reach and engagement, we realized that harnessing the power of live streaming was the key to connecting with audiences on a global scale.







Activating multi-platform live streams

The approach was not just to 'go live', but to elevate these events to a level that was engaging, interactive, and memorable. Altorise, leveraging its technical expertise and a knack for storytelling, stepped up to orchestrate high-quality live-streaming events. We set up a broadcasting quality HD studio, ensuring an immersive viewing experience. The events were then simultaneously streamed across multiple platforms - Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Twitter Live, LinkedIn Live, and Instagram Live, maximizing reach and accessibility.

Maximizing live stream impact and engagement

Altorise didn't stop at just streaming events; we took the reins of the entire event management process. From planning production to promoting the event and coordinating with esteemed guests, every step was meticulously executed. We also made sure the conversation was not one-sided - audience queries were addressed in real-time, enhancing viewer engagement and participation.

The events were graced by national personalities, NGO leaders, youth leaders, fellows, and domain experts. Noteworthy guests included Hon'ble Union Minister for Youth Affairs Shri. Kiren Rijiju, Chief Coach of India's National Badminton Team Mr. Pullela Gopichand, Chairman of the State Bank of India Mr. Dinesh Kumar Khara, and the WHO's National Professional Officer Dr. Chandrakant Lahariya.

Real-time live stream studio and production

As a result, the Fellowship saw a dramatic increase in subscriber count, engagement rates, and view times. The live-streaming strategy was a resounding success, especially during the pandemic when physical events were limited. It enabled the Fellowship to continue engaging global audiences without compromising on the quality of the interactions.

The true measure of our success, however, lay in the outcomes - the Fellowship not only managed to draw in ideal candidates but also strengthened its reputation as a leading organization that embraces the digital age. It goes to show the transformative power of live-streaming events when executed strategically, further solidifying its importance as a crucial marketing tool for modern brands.