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High-conversion landing page for a non-profit

When the SBI Youth for India Fellowship, a notable rural development program, approached Altorise, they were facing a significant challenge with their digital presence. The fellowship needed an efficient way to communicate its key aspects to a global audience while achieving dramatic improvement in conversions, maintaining GDPR compliance, and providing deep insights into advertising performance.






Landing Page

To address this multifaceted task, Altorise leveraged its expertise in design, development, and analytics to construct a state-of-the-art landing page for the fellowship. The landing page was not just a digital billboard for the fellowship but a high-performance marketing tool geared to optimize conversions and capture lead data in real-time.

Turbocharged insights for smarter lead scoring

The Altorise team employed an effective design strategy that seamlessly communicated the fellowship's mission and values to its global audience. To ensure GDPR compliance, careful attention was paid to protect user privacy and manage data ethically.

Deep insights into advertising performance were incorporated into the landing page. Real-time analytics provided an understanding of user behavior, key demographic information, and helped track and optimize advertising strategies. To supplement this, heatmaps and UX surveys were incorporated to continually improve the user experience based on direct feedback from visitors.

To keep the data clean, an automatic spam filter was deployed to weed out any irrelevant or malicious leads. The landing page was hosted on a cloud platform with load balancing to handle traffic surges efficiently, and a CDN was put in place to ensure quick page load times for users worldwide. Moreover, DDoS protection was provided to safeguard against potential cyber threats.

Fostering brand trust through good design

The result was a dramatic improvement in the conversion rates for the fellowship, alongside the ability to gather actionable insights about the audience and ad performance. It gave the fellowship the tools it needed to understand its target audience better, optimize its advertising strategies, and secure its digital assets, all while remaining compliant with global privacy standards. The SBI Youth for India Fellowship's landing page under Altorise's guidance became an essential tool, transforming the way the fellowship attracted, engaged, and understood its global audience.