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Engaging future leaders via influencers

The SBI Youth for India Fellowship, aiming to magnify its reach and engage potential fellows, sought to harness the power of influencer marketing. The challenge was to identify influencers who shared the fellowship's values and could inspire potential fellows while ensuring a strong return on investment.







To truly resonate with potential fellows, it was crucial to collaborate with influencers who genuinely shared the fellowship's ethos and passion for rural development. The influencers needed to inspire, inform, and engage potential fellows, driving them to apply. The challenge was twofold - finding the right influencers and ensuring that the collaboration delivered value for the fellowship.

Altorise devised a smart marketing strategy that focused on selecting influencers whose values aligned with those of the fellowship. By meticulously handpicking inspiring influencers, we ensured that their influence was not just about reach, but also about the potential for genuine, value-driven engagement.

Timely strategies for maximum impact

One notable event was during the pandemic, where we brought in a WHO expert to discuss health and well-being in rural India. The goal was to offer our audience valuable and relevant content that underscored the significance of the fellowship's work, and the urgency of the problems they were striving to solve.

Delivering messages intuitively

The influencer marketing campaign significantly amplified the fellowship's reach and engagement. By working with influencers who shared the fellowship's values and could articulate its mission powerfully, we were able to inspire potential fellows and encourage them to apply. Furthermore, the influencer collaborations offered an impressive return on investment, strengthening the fellowship's position as a leader in rural development initiatives. With influencers shedding light on the importance of rural development, the SBI Youth for India Fellowship successfully conveyed its commitment and inspired potential fellows to contribute towards this crucial mission.