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10 Years of Impact: Event Branding for a leading NFP organization

As SBI Youth for India Fellowship celebrated a remarkable decade of transforming young lives and uplifting rural communities, Altorise recognized an opportunity to amplify this milestone. We decided to create a distinctive anniversary brand unit that could capture the essence of this transformative journey and visually narrate the story of the Fellowship's impact.







The event brand reveal

The new brand unit was not just a design; it was a symbol of growth, empowerment, and transformation. Crafted with precision and creativity, it was animated to breathe life into the design for digital and video production uses. This ensured that the Fellowship's decade-long journey was not only seen but felt.

Beyond brochures and flyers

As part of the campaign branding, Altorise also took charge of promoting the Fellowship's annual conclave event. We developed a suite of collaterals - from banners and brochures to standees and invites - each designed to weave a compelling narrative around the event. These assets weren't mere promotional materials, but a reflection of the Fellowship's commitment to creating immersive experiences that sparked conversation and inspired action.

Extending conversations on social

Event videos were also curated with thoughtful editing and visual storytelling, making the conclave a virtual spectacle for those who couldn't attend in person. This strategy expanded the event's reach and ensured the Fellowship's message resonated far and wide.

The conclave was a resounding success, hosting thought leaders and icons who interacted with the youth and key partners. More importantly, it was an opportunity to highlight the Fellowship's impact over the years, transforming over 500+ youth into leaders and significantly improving the lives of tens of thousands in rural India.

But Altorise didn't stop at just hosting a successful event. We ensured the story of the Fellowship’s remarkable journey reached a larger audience through a strategic PR initiative. This effort amplified the Fellowship's influence and cemented its position as a leading force in rural development and youth empowerment.

Celebrating the milestone, geared for the next

Our campaign branding strategy showcased Altorise's profound understanding of the Fellowship and our expertise in branding and design. We managed to spotlight the Fellowship's decade-long journey in a compelling and engaging manner, resulting in a significant lift in the brand's reach and reputation.