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Multiplying results from email marketing: a non-profit success story

When Altorise teamed up with the SBI Youth for India Fellowship, it was evident that while the Fellowship was making significant strides in rural development, its story was being lost in translation. Despite having a profound mission, their modest email list of 30,000 hadn't grown much in the preceding seven years. Engagement was low, communications were sporadic, and opportunities to resonate with potential fellows were falling by the wayside.






Email Marketing

Crafting a bespoke email list strategy

At Altorise, we realized the Fellowship's potential was being hampered by its approach to communication. We decided to revolutionize their email marketing strategy, with a focus on turning this cost-effective channel into a potent tool for engagement. We integrated our in-house hosted email solution, a decision that significantly sped up the creation of email campaigns. What used to take days now only took a few hours, making real-time communication a reality.

Groundbreaking success across platforms

Each email was tailored, responsive, and interactive, designed to engage the Fellowship's diverse audience segments. As these personalized emails started landing in inboxes, they didn't just get opened – they started conversations, inspired interest, and drove action. As a result, the Fellowship ceased to be a distant entity and became a personal mission for each potential fellow.

The new approach yielded astounding results. Open rates and click-through rates were not only consistently high but also leading in the non-profit category. Conversions saw a tremendous boost, translating into an increased impact of the Fellowship's work in rural India.

10x the results, 2x lower costs

However, the crowning glory was the exponential growth of the Fellowship's contact list. From a stagnant 30,000 emails in seven years before Altorise, we saw a leap to an incredible 600,000+ additional emails in just four years of Altorise's engagement. This wasn't just a victory in terms of numbers, but it signified the Fellowship's expanding influence, the increasing diversity of applicants, and the potential to bring about even more substantial change in the future. In essence, it was a testament to the profound impact of a well-crafted, well-delivered story.