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Captivating Campaigns: Diwali Animation for Thrive

Thrive wanted to light up Instagram Reels with a festive Diwali campaign that stood out. Altorise embraced this challenge, harnessing animation and storytelling to craft an engaging narrative that amplified Thrive's reach and impact.






Diwali Campaign

Moment marketing with Instagram Reels

We leaned into Thrive's unique character design and our understanding of festive traditions and trends on Instagram Reels. Combining creativity and cultural insights, we built a compelling narrative around the values of Diwali, friendship, and family.

A high-impact festive Instagram campaign

The festive campaign was a dazzling success, standing out amidst the Diwali social media blitz. Each short story - vividly told in Thrive's signature illustrative style - captivated audiences, and the festive treatment of each animation resonated deeply, adding to the topical relevance of the campaign.

The strategic sequencing of the animations, alongside catchy music and well-targeted promotions, catapulted the campaign's reach, driving audience engagement with Thrive's brand and its new food ordering mobile app. The campaign sparked curiosity and ignited early trials, achieving its objectives with flying colors.

When it comes to crafting captivating festive campaigns that resonate with audiences and drive brand engagement, Altorise's blend of animation and storytelling prowess is your winning formula. Let us light up your brand's narrative, creating campaigns that not only stand out but also deliver tangible results.