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Infinite no-code design system for Web3

After an in-depth study of the key categories of projects Covalent worked with, coupled with Altorise experience and understanding of crypto, our design team laid the foundations for a revolutionary new design system. Drawing inspiration from 'LEGO' blocks, we created 3D components that can be used to construct any number of Web3 project designs.






Design System

Creating an industry-first no-code design system

Covering crypto wallets, portfolio managers, NFT collections, dashboards, DeFi protocols, blockchains, bridges, asset managers, and beyond, the design system was crafted to visualize the value offered by almost any Web3 project imaginable. We used essential design primitives in vector formats to allow the Covalent team to drag and drop elements to design new creatives. Each component was designed to harmoniously fit and look aesthetically pleasing irrespective of how they're placed.

It was so versatile and intuitive, that the marketing team was able to produce campaign creatives without the need for any professional design team support. In coordination with the projects, the marketing team was able to instantly create campaign creatives in minutes and go live in a fraction of the time it usually takes.

A fast-growing project ecosystem

To showcase an ever-evolving and diverse ecosystem of projects, we created an isometric block system around the Covalent brand. Categorized and arranged in this look, at any one time, viewers would but catch only a glimpse of a tiny section of the overall ecosystem. We chose to leave the breadth of the Covalent impact to the viewer's imagination. At the same time, we were enticing even more to join this league of extraordinary projects.

The no-code infinite design process

Our team rendered design primitives in the design system using Maya and added editable elements later in Figma. This made the overall elements dynamically usable by anyone, regardless of their experience with Figma. We enabled the marketing team to drag and drop items in Figma, creating any narrative they wished to share. This approach resulted in an innovative, 'no-code' design product.

Final Web3 marketing outcome

The presentation of the design system was quickly followed by the launch of the 'Bear Market Builders' ecosystem marketing campaign on social media. It successfully engaged thousands of users across Twitter, distinguishing itself with a unique look and feel. We want to express gratitude for the exceptional support from the team at Covalent's Vancouver HQ — especially Rohit Tandon's design leadership, Pratik Gandhi, Covalent's marketing head, and the invaluable inspiration from Ganesh Swami, Covalent's Founder & CEO. Their support played a crucial role in this endeavor's success.