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Content Writing Jobs in Mumbai

Join our team as a Copywriter to explore global accountscreative campaignsdiverse projectscreative opportunities

Write compelling copy, discover new products and services, inspire, and engage audiences with powerful blogs, articles, white-papers, and press releases. Grow to become an editor, or a content leader with Altorise's fast growing copywriting and creative team.

1+ Years
Job Type
₹30K to 80K
Monthly Salary
Working Days

Our story

Founded in 2014, Altorise started as a full-service digital marketing agency in Mumbai and has since grown to become a marketing accelerator for global businesses with high-growth potential.

Today, Altorise works with leading brands across automotive, finance, charity, retail, beauty, hospitality, technology, apps and more. Over the years we have also started working with founders and investors of early-stage startups and those poised to raise key funding rounds to help ensure their marketing success.

Joining our team gives you an opportunity to accelerate your career with exciting work you with a fantastic team. You also get the unique experience of working directly with and learning from an eclectic and diverse team consisting of leading startup, marketing, design, technology, strategy, finance and operations professionals.

Learn more about our core values and culture code.

Job description

When you join Altorise as a copywriter, you will be given an opportunity to work with a variety of exciting brands based in India and overseas, and find exciting new ways to communicate their value to the world.

The ideal candidate is a passionate team player, excited to explore and master a variety of content strategy challenges, capable of working with and managing cross-functional teams, have a deep love for creative writing, discovering new topics and categories, and has a desire to positively engage with audiences around the world.

In your role as a copywriter, you will have the opportunity to work with various businesses across categories — health, fintech, cryptocurrency, SaaS, nutrition, non-profits, e-commerce, media & entertainment, food tech, automobile, and many others. Your primary role as content writer is to create valuable content that informs, educates, and attracts your ideal target audience. This will need you to study the brand and audience, research your topics, and provide value over and above what is already available online. While also adopting a voice and tone that matches the brand you are writing on behalf of.

You will have an array of content types to choose from and master over the course of your career before you move to a more senior managerial and editorial role. Formats including blog posts, press releases, guest posts, leadership articles, educational content, support content, website pages, landing page copy, scripts for videos, explainers, tutorials, brochures, flyers, announcements, and more.

Job responsibilities

  • Create brand copy for ads and social media
  • Develop unique brand voice and tones
  • Create copy using trusted writing frameworks
  • Use tools for SEO, writing, and marketing to enhance value of content
  • Work with design, video, SEO, and tech teams to maximize impact
  • Collaborate with external publications to promote content
  • Follow project management and documentation processes

Job requirements

  • Proven creative content writing epxerience and sample work (portfolio)
  • Advanced professional knowledge writing and journalism
  • Experience with SEO and writing tools like Grammarly, Surfer SEO etc.
  • Diploma, Degree, PG in English, Literature, Mass Media, Journalism, Marketing, or related domains

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Your questions, answered.

Got questions about Content Writing jobs? We have tried to answer some popular questions for you here.

Got more questions?

Content writing is the process of researching, writing, editing, and publishing long form content on the internet. Good content writers are usually proficient in the language they are write in, and are also passionate about the subject matter they write about.

Today, there is a variety of content to consume on the internet, from blogs, articles, videos, press releases, to product descriptions on e-commerce websites. Many businesses need professional writers to help communicate their offerings and form strong connections with their audiences.

As more brands come online, the demand for quality content writing is growing and only likely to increase in the coming years.

The objective of any good content is to offer value and inform the reader. To achieve this, all good content writers follow a step by step process to arrive at their content. Here's a quick summary of the broad process.

  1. Research the topic and arrive at your insight
  2. Structure the flow of the content
  3. Understand your audience and their goals
  4. Gather quality sources and references
  5. Write the first draft, and use relevant rich content
  6.  Edit or proof-read content
  7. Publish and optimize for platform, SEO etc.
  8. Refresh content regularly to keep it fresh and relevant
  9. Engage audience in comments and promote as needed

Apart from the benefits of working with a prestigious and leading company like Altorise, you will also benefit from the startup culture which offers you avenues to rapidly grow your career. The culture and values of Altorise, further ensure a workplace that is both encouraging, inclusive, and nurturing. 

We also offer benefits like 20 days of paid holidays (after probation), 5-day week, an open pantry and snack bar, flexible open-office seating, a pet-friendly workplace, paid maternity & paternity leave, flexible timings, occasional WFH, an employee zero-interest loan program, ESOPs, and many more benefits. Please contact our HR team to learn more.