Altorise GROW - Improve customer relationship management, retention and loyalty

All great things start with an idea.


Let’s bring our technology and design expertise to build your idea up to the next level. Whether it’s the next big startup idea, or the big data insights you seek to serve your customers even better; you can count on us to partner with you closely to unlock your idea’s true potential.
Have an idea you just know needs to be built? We are the technology and creative team who can make that happen. Our team will systematically and collaboratively build each stage of the idea with your inputs – from early concept to release and promotions. You will find that our process is a blend infused with creative insights and crafted with robust technologies.
  • Mapping the idea
  • Data analytics and market research
  • Positioning, Branding & Identity design
  • Early Visualizations and wireframes
  • Technology architecture design and budgets
  • Prototypes and closed beta release
  • Marketing strategy and release
  • Feedback loop and optimization
There are few places more fertile for breakthrough innovations and ideas than at the intersection where artistic data visualizations meet intelligent data science. Heaps of data your business already owns is waiting to be creatively visualized to reveal the powerful trends and patterns critical to business success.
Your Big Data Dashboard gives you instant contextual insights into key patterns, correlations, trends and emerging customer needs. Imagine the confidence and insights waiting to be gleaned from creatively combining your live web traffic, social reactions, influencers, topic trends, competitor overview, internal team processes, projects underway, and a whole lot more. Even more exciting discoveries await when you combine your datasets and imagination to reveal new insights in your Sandbox Data Lab.